Tractor Won’t Start Sometimes?

International Farmall 300 won’t start sometimes

James Bow I recently purchased this 300 and the battery was soon discovered to be shot so I replaced it (along with the cables and some of the wiringand installednew plugs) now the lights come on fine but last night after starting and using it for a few days it won’t start! All I get is a clicking or mild clunk and nothing more. My first guess would be a dead spot on the starter windings, second would be possibly a problem on the flywheel (hope that isn’t it). Any ideas before I spend Sunday after noon pulling the crank motor and locating a new one?
Jason Check the can you jump it across the solenoid. If so you might look at relpacing that.
JDM Something is killing the battery~!
Gary Johnson It sounds like it may not be charging.The regulator may be bad.Another problem may be the starter is only working on one field.It will work ok with a strong battery,but will drag and stop with a weak battery.
Paul Hanson I had a similar problem. Found out it was a faulty wire (the one running from the solenoid to the starter was too small and had broken down.

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